What Happens If You Have Scoliosis After a WI Motorcycle Crash

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. Instead of maintaining its typical linear or straight shape, the spine curves into a C or an S shape. Sometimes scoliosis happens because of congenital conditions. Other times, however, scoliosis occurs because of trauma to the spine.

How a Motorcycle Crash Can Cause Scoliosis

A motorcyclist’s back and spine are vulnerable to accident injuries. When you hit the pavement, the vertebrae can break or suffer other injuries. These vertebrae protect the spine, and when they are hurt, the spine may become curved.

Living With Scoliosis

You may experience scoliosis symptoms before your condition is diagnosed. Back pain, uneven shoulders, numbness or tingling in your arms or legs, uneven hips, or an uneven rib cage could be signs of scoliosis.

A doctor will perform a physical examination and conduct imaging tests, such as x-rays, to diagnose your condition. Treatment may include pain medication, a back brace, physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, and surgery.

Scoliosis may cause you significant back pain and interfere with your ability to work, drive, and go about your regular daily activities.

In severe cases, scoliosis can cause the rib cage to press into the heart or lungs, damaging these vital organs.

What to Do If You’re Diagnosed with Scoliosis After a Motorcycle Wreck

Before you can recover damages for your scoliosis injuries, you must prove that the motorcycle crash caused your scoliosis. Sometimes, this is difficult to do because the cause of your scoliosis may not be known. However, if you did not have scoliosis before your accident, if you suffered damage to your vertebrae that could cause scoliosis, and if got prompt medical attention after your motorcycle wreck that led to your scoliosis diagnosis, then you may have a case.

Additionally, a motorcycle spinal cord injury could cause scoliosis to worsen. If your medical records prove that your scoliosis got worse because of the back injury that you suffered in the crash, then you can recover damages for the change in your medical condition.

Our experienced Wisconsin motorcycle accident lawyers are here to help you recover for all of your accident injuries. When someone else’s negligence caused your motorcycle crash, we will fight for your full and fair compensation, which should include past and future:

  • Medical costs. Your medical costs may include hospitalizations, diagnostic tests, doctors’ appointments, pain medications, surgeries, physical therapy, chiropractor appointments, and other healthcare expenses.
  • Lost income. Your pain, treatment, or scoliosis complications may keep you from working. You may recover for your lost wages, benefits, bonuses, and income from self-employment.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses. Debilitating back pain can change everything. You may need household help, child care, and transportation that you did not need before the accident, for example.
  • Pain and suffering. It’s often useful to keep a diary or log that explains your physical pain and emotional suffering. Non-economic damages such as pain and suffering are more difficult to prove, but with the right evidence, it is possible to be compensated for these injuries.

Our lawyers are also riders, and we are committed to helping other riders recover after crashes. Insurance companies know how serious we are about our work, and they are often willing to offer fair settlements to our clients. If, however, the insurance company won’t provide you with fair compensation for your accident injuries, then we will bring your case to court.

We have successfully represented more than 4,000 Wisconsin motorcyclists who have been hurt in motorcycle accidents. Let’s talk about what happened to you and how we may be able to help you. Call us or fill out our online contact form today to schedule your free, no-obligation meeting in our Milwaukee, Appleton, Green Bay, Madison or Wausau office, at your home, or online.

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