This article is about motorcycle accident prevention, but it isn’t primarily written for motorcyclists. We know that motorcyclists are aware of other riders on the road. We know that motorcyclists look out for one another and do their part to keep other riders safe whether they are traveling on Interstate 380 or Ellis Blvd NW in Cedar Rapids.

But What Are the Other Drivers Doing?

Is the driver of the sedan next to you, the minivan in back of you, or the truck waiting to merge into traffic aware that you are on a motorcycle? One of the purposes of National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month should be to make sure that those Cedar Rapids drivers know that you, and other motorcyclists like you, are there.

When car and truck drivers are aware that motorcyclists share the streets of Cedar Rapids with them, they may:

  • Look more carefully for riders before changing lanes or making a turn.
  • Keep a greater following distance when driving behind a motorcyclist.
  • Slow down, put down their cell phones, and pay attention to the road around them.

They may avoid serious and deadly accidents, but, before this can happen, the drivers need to be aware of the risks.

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month May Also Have Unintended Consequences

And those consequences may be good. When car drivers are aware of the risks posed by motorcyclists and proactively try to prevent motorcycle accidents they may also prevent other types of accidents. Everyone may benefit.

For more information on safety and legal issues that are important to motorcyclists, please check out our latest rider News Brief and our free informational videos. Together, we can all work toward preventing motorcycle accidents and helping those who have been hurt in bike wrecks to get the full and fair recoveries that they deserve for their accident injuries.

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