You watch as the minutes turn into hours—and your anxiety rises accordingly. The motorcyclist for whom you’ve been waiting has not yet arrived, and you fear the worst. It is too soon to know whether those fears are well founded or whether the person who you are waiting for has taken a detour or been delayed, but it is not too soon to take action.

Five Things You Can Do When a Motorcyclist Doesn’t Arrive on Time

Once you have accounted for reasonable delays such as traffic and the motorcyclist’s usual sense of time and have decided that there is reason for concern, then it is time to take action. However, it is not time to panic. Your friend may have been involved in an Illinois motorcycle accident, or he may be safe and may have been delayed with good cause. In order to find out what happened, you might:

  1. Call the motorcyclist’s cell phone. This is the easiest way to know what happened.
  2. Call the last place you knew the motorcyclist to be so that you can find out when he left. This will give you an idea of when the rider left and when you should reasonably expect him.
  3. Get in your car, or on your bike, and travel the route taken by the motorcyclist. This will only work if you are sure of the route and it is not too long.
  4. Call the local or state police to see if any motorcycle accidents have been reported.
  5. Call the local hospitals to see if any John Does have been admitted.

Hopefully, the motorcyclist for whom you are waiting was delayed, lost track of time, or was simply irresponsible—and the day will end with relief instead of grief.

Encourage a rider to Call an Illinois Motorcycle Accident Lawyer If He’s Been Hurt

Unfortunately, the day may not end as well as you want it to end. You may learn that your relative, friend, or coworker was involved in a serious motorcycle accident because of a negligent car or truck driver. If this has happened, then you should encourage the motorcyclist to find out more about his legal rights and possible recovery by contacting an experienced Illinois motorcycle accident attorney at 1-800-800-5678 and by reading our FREE book, The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims.

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