What to Do If You Suffer a Pelvic Injury in a Motorcycle Crash

You knew as soon as your motorcycle stopped that something was very wrong. At the hospital, X-rays were taken and a pelvic fracture was diagnosed. You know that you are lucky to be alive. But, what should you expect next? What will your recovery be like? What will your future be like after your motorcycle accident injury?

Living With a Fractured Pelvis

Many factors will determine how you recover from a fractured pelvis after a motorcycle accident. For example, your age, general health, and the extent of other injuries may all factor into how well and how fast you heal.
Generally, there are two ways to recover from a motorcycle accident fractured pelvis. You may require:

  • Surgery. Unstable fractures and fractures with a lot of bleeding may require surgery. The extent of the surgery and the outcome upon its conclusion varies among patients.
  • Non-invasive treatments. A stable fracture may not require surgery but might require you to keep your weight off the affected bones for several months. You may need crutches, a walker, or a wheelchair to move around.

You may also require pain medication, other prescription drugs, and physical therapy to recover from your injuries.

During your recovery, you may be unable to work, drive, take care of your personal needs and your home, and do the things you enjoy.

How to Protect Your Legal Recovery After a Motorcycle Crash

You have already begun protecting your legal recovery after a motorcycle accident. The medical attention you got after the accident will help establish that you were hurt in the crash and that your pelvic fracture would not have happened but for the accident.

Now that your injury is diagnosed and the emergency of the accident is behind you, you may continue to protect your legal recovery by:

  • Keeping all photos and videos you took at the accident scene. These photos and videos may be essential evidence in proving who caused the crash.
  • Continuing to follow your doctors' treatment plans. The failure to follow your doctors’ treatment plans may interfere with your accident recovery.
  • Sharing the names and contact information for any witnesses with your motorcycle accident lawyer. Witnesses may be able to provide details about the crash that help establish liability.
  • Being cautious about speaking with insurance adjusters. Insurance adjusters are not on your side. They want to minimize your recovery. You can protect your rights by telling the insurance adjuster that you are represented by counsel and having the adjuster contact your lawyer.
  • Not posting anything on social media. Anything that you post about the accident or your activities may be used against you in ways you did not anticipate.
  • Contacting an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. An attorney will advise you, help you avoid costly errors, and make sure that your rights are protected.

Together, these steps will help you get the compensation that you deserve for your accident injuries. Your damages may include compensation for past and future:

  • Healthcare costs including hospitalizations, surgeries, medications, doctors’ appointments, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other medical expenses
  • Lost income for any wages, raises, benefits, bonuses, or self-employment income you couldn’t earn due to your injuries
  • Out-of-pocket expenses for things such as household help, transportation, and property damage resulting from the crash
  • Pain and suffering for your physical pain and emotional suffering

You have a limited amount of time to seek compensation for your injuries. Accordingly, we encourage you to take action without delay.

Contact an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Who Is Also a Rider

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We invite you to contact our motorcycle accident attorneys today for a free, no-obligation consultation in any of our 11 midwest personal injury law offices, by phone or video conference, or in your home or hospital room.

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