Biomet hip implants have caused implant failure and metallosis

In the decade from 1999 to 2009, Biomet sold more than 110,000 M2a Magnum hip implants. These metal-on-metal hip replacement devices were supposed to provide patients with better long term outcomes than standard hip replacement devices. The M2a line included the following devices:

  • 28mm M2a-Taper.
  • 32 mm M2a-Taper.
  • M2a-Magnum Tri-Spike.
  • M2a-Magnum.
  • M2a-38.
  • M2a-RingLoc.

It was marketed to active people who wanted to continue living active lifestyles after hip replacement surgery.

Unfortunately Complications Prevented That for Some Patients

Some patients who received a Biomet M2a Magnum hip implant suffered from:

  • Implant failure. This could cause the device to break prematurely and result in a fall, pain, swelling, or an otherwise dangerous situation for a patient. Some patients may have become disabled as a result of the premature implant failure.
  • Metallosis. This serious condition occurs when metal is released into the body. It can occur when the metal ball and metal socket of the hip implant rub together and release tiny metal ions into the bone and tissue around the device. People who suffer metallosis have high levels of cobalt in their bloodstream, which can lead to numerous problems including vertigo, optic nerve damage, convulsions, blindness, hypothyroidism, headaches, tinnitus, and peripheral neuropathy.

Many people who were hurt filed lawsuits which were consolidated in multidistrict litigation. In early 2014, Biomet settled claims with plaintiffs who had been hurt by M2a hip implants for a combined $56 million.

What Happens When Patients Are Hurt by Medical Devices?

Pharmaceutical companies should be held accountable for their negligence and for the harm patients suffer from their medical devices. If you are suffering from problems caused by a hip implant or any other pharmaceutical product or device, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our office today at 800-800-5678 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation with one of our experienced attorneys and to find out if you are eligible to join a class action lawsuit. The consultation is completely free and there is no obligation.

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