April rainy day motorcycle accident in MilwaukeeYou couldn’t wait for your first spring motorcycle ride. Now that the snows are almost gone, rain or shine, it’s going to happen. While there are certain inherent risks in rainy weather riding, you don’t have to let bad weather get in the way of your ride.

So, what are the hazards of rainy day riding? First, wet weather makes normally safe surfaces slippery. Second, rain makes it hard to see and to be seen. Here are some tips from our Milwaukee motorcycle lawyers to help keep you safe on your rainy day ride.

Avoid Slip-Sliding Away

As cars and motorcycles use the road, oil and grease build up. Rain removes the oil and grease, but it takes 30 to 60 minutes for the oil to be washed away. Until then, the grime and grease will float on top of the water.

There are some places where oil and grease are not as easily washed away. These includes painted areas, bridge gratings, manhole covers, and raised or ridged surfaces. The oil tends to stick in those areas, making them extra slippery. You can test traction by carefully and very briefly using the rear brake to the point of lock-up.

Good tires will improve your traction. Some people also believe that increasing the tire pressure by 5 p.s.i. will prevent hydroplaning, but this only works if your tires are in good condition. We also suggest that you slow down on wet roads, increase your following distance, and allow extra time for stopping and turning.

Watch out for slippery surfaces. Gradually slow down, and approach the obstacle smoothly, avoiding any sudden changes in speed.

See and Be Seen

Normally, vision isn’t a problem for a motorcyclist. A motorcycle has few blind spots. However, rain can cause condensation on your windshield, face shield, or goggles. Using Rain-X will help disperse the water and improve your view.

No matter how careful and experienced you are, you can still suffer serious injury in a Milwaukee motorcycle crash. This is because many Wisconsin motorcycle accidents are caused by reckless car drivers. Their excuse: “I didn’t see the motorcyclist.” Rain makes it even harder to see. Do your part by wearing bright colors, reflective trim, and using your lights.

Contact Our Milwaukee Motorcycle Accident Lawyer if Involved in a Rainy Crash

Drivers have a duty to watch for motorcyclists regardless of the weather. If you have been injured in a Milwaukee car-motorcycle accident, “I didn’t see” is no excuse. Learn about your rights in The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your claim with a motorcycle injury lawyer in Milwaukee, contact Hupy and Abraham, S.C at 800-800-5678.

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