Motorcycling is about freedom, the feel of the open road, and the wind in your face. Motorcycling can also be about image. Motorcyclists in black leather project that cool “Fonz” vibe. Bright yellow just doesn’t have the same effect, but it is easy to see—and that is important.

The majority of Iowa motorcycle accidents occur when a passenger vehicle driver doesn’t see the rider. If you want to stay safe, you need to be noticed. Fortunately, you can get a driver’s attention without dressing like a banana.

  1. Ride a bright-colored motorcycle. When choosing motorcycle colors, opt for reds, greens, and yellows.
  2. Install a loud horn. Make sure that your motorcycle’s horn can get a distracted driver’s attention. Don’t be afraid to use it if a driver is distracted or headed into your space.
  3. Choose a brighter headlight. Choose the brightest headlight that you can afford. High-intensity discharge (HID) xenon and light-emitting diode (LED) lights are bright both day and night. You could also add dual running headlights. Three bulbs are more noticeable than one.
  4. Check your headlight’s angle. Raise the beam to the maximum angle allowed in your state.
  5. Choose a brighter brake light. Consider replacing your current light with an LED light. Tapping your brake light can help you get the attention of a driver who wants to tailgate.
  6. Use reflective decals. Use reflective tape and stickers to make your bike and your gear more visible. One good idea is to wrap the tape around your wheel rims.
  7. Add auxiliary lights. Not sure where to put them? Try to make a face. Honda found that using lights to create a human face-like appearance on the front of a motorcycle increased a car driver’s ability to estimate both a motorcycle’s distance and its speed.
  8. Consider a headlight modulator. A headlight modulator is exactly what it says it is. The device modulates your headlight so it appears to pulse—making you more visible both day and night.
  9. Wear glow-in-the-dark motorcycle gear. Reflectors can only be seen when light shines on them. Glow-in-the-dark gear like the Glow Rider motorcycle jacket and the Vemar Eclipse Night Vision Helmet allow you to be seen from all directions.

When you do your best to ride safely and stay visible, you can reduce your chances of injury in an Iowa motorcycle crash. But you can’t prevent every accident. There is nothing that you can do about distracted drivers, reckless drivers, impaired drivers, and drivers who simply don’t watch for motorcycles.

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