This page will go over, in detail, many aspects of safe riding in Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin Department of Transportation offers both basic and advanced motorcycle rider courses.  In addition, you will find a wealth of information on the proper operation of motorcycles and road hazards that often cause motorcycle accidents. Please use the information below as a guide to the Motorcycle Safety portion of the Wisconsin DOT ‘s website.
  • Basic Motorcycle Rider Course- This course is designed for the beginner rider. The 16-hour course was developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and is presented by instructors who are certified by the MSF and WisDOT. Helmets are provided and the course takes place in a closed course to ensure rider safety. Six hours will be spent in the classroom and the other 10 will be spent on-cycle. Skills covered in the course include: preparing to ride, turning, shifting, braking, street strategies, special situations, increasing riding skills, maintenance and insurance. If you complete the course you will be given a waiver. This waiver will allow you to skip the Motorcycle in Traffic skill test required to obtain a class M (motorcycle) operator's license.
  • Experienced Rider Course- This course understands that a seasoned motorcyclist knows that riding requires knowledge, attention to the task at hand and sharp reflexes. To this end the WisDOT has created an experienced rider course aimed at helping riders refine their skills. The five-hour course is designed to help experienced riders enjoy a safer motorcycling experience.
  • Proper Operation- This section goes over the proper handling of your motorcycle. Topics here include carrying passengers, side-by-side operations, lane splitting, road hazards, safe turns and parking.
  • Hazards- A brief overview of rider safety in various conditions is given here. Areas of interest include taking extra care in work zones, riding defensively, biking on gravel or sand and avoiding objects in the road.
  • Training Sponsors and Locations- A long list of Wisconsin schools and other locations are listed here. Examples of schools include ABATE of Wisconsin in Black River Falls, Gateway Technical College in Kenosha and Madison Area Technical College in Madison.

The staff and attorneys at Hupy & Abraham hope that the information listed here, along with the provided links, will help you find the motorcycle safety information you need.

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