ABATE (A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments) is a grassroots organization with chapters across the country.  ABATE of Wisconsin Inc. is a motorcycle rights and safety organization dedicated to the "Freedom of the Road".

In order to protect riders' freedoms in Wisconsin, ABATE is currently working on the following issues:

  • Actively opposing mandatory helmet and seat belt laws. According to ABATE of Wisconsin, the organization is not again the use of helmets or seat belts, but they are concerned about the precedent such laws would create. The concern is that the government would have another way to meddle in the personal lives of private citizens.
  • Working to pass legislation that would provide funds to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for motorcycle safety education and driver awareness programs. ABATE of Wisconsin has had success with their own safety campaigns, such as their Safe Rider Program.
  • Eliminating discrimination against motorcyclists in public establishments.

ABATE of Wisconsin is an active and effective organization.  The following list will help you navigate their site.

  • Current events- ABATE of Wisconsin is very active. 
  • Districts and regions- There are over 40 regional districts in ABATE of Wisconsin. 
  • Membership- ABATE of Wisconsin encourages riders to join their organization. Strength in numbers is important when ABATE State Officers meet with legislators. 
  • Contact information- To contact ABATE you may call, write or e-mail using the following information:

ABATE of Wisconsin
438 N. Water St
Black River Falls WI 54615
715-284-7415 or 1-800-386-4442
[email protected]

We hope that the information given here has helped you learn more about ABATE of Wisconsin.  The organization continues to be a dedicated advocate for rider's rights and freedoms.  The attorneys of Hupy & Abraham are proud supporters of ABATE of Wisconsin.