Motorcycle Rain Riding: Essentials You Need


Riding in the rain isn't for everyone, and understandably so. It can be very uncomfortable and dangerous due to the increased risk of natural hazards. In spite of those factors, some individuals enjoy riding their motorcycles through various weather conditions, including rain. Regardless of which rider you consider yourself, it is always a good rule of thumb to assume that you can get caught in the rain at any moment. Having the proper gear is essential to ensure your safety and ensure the safety of others around you. 


Don't know where to start when it comes to having the right gear for inclement weather? This article will save you the headache of scouring the internet and provide you the essentials for what you need during rainstorms. Whether you are a rider that tries to avoid rain at all cost, or a rider that welcomes it, you need to be prepared for when you eventually get caught in a downpour. 


Rain jackets: 


Perhaps the most basic yet, most staple gear any rider can have for rain is a rain jacket. A rain jacket is essentially a covering designed to cover your already existing gear. When caught in the rain, the water will roll off of you instead of your clothes absorbing it. This is what keeps you dry and warm instead of freezing from your clothes being wet. Rain jackets come in multiple variations but, they all perform the same action of keeping you dry. Some examples are packable suits, one-piece jackets, Z-liners, laminated exterior liners, and removable liners. Each rider has different needs, so it is best to research and see what best fits your preference. 


Waterproof gloves


Like rain jackets, waterproof gloves are designed to keep your hands dry and maintain grip of your handlebars. Losing your grip on your handlebars can result in serious injuries, which is why having waterproof gloves or rain covers for your gloves is so crucial. You have two options at your disposal for gloves. You can purchase gloves for routine wear with a waterproofing feature or purchase rain covers that secure over your regular gloves, and can be stowed away when not in use. 


Waterproof pants:

A staple next to waterproof jackets, waterproof pants help keep your pants from getting drenched during a downpour. Similar to heavy-duty motorcycle jackets, you have two options for motorbike rain pants.

Motorcycle pants made for crash protection and are also waterproofed for wet-weather riding. You also have lightweight motorcycle rain covers that go over your existing pants. Either style of motorcycle rain pants should seal around your waist and ankles to reduce water seepage. 


Waterproof boots: 

If you recognized a pattern of having two or more categories of rain gear for each body part, the same goes for boots, as well. You can purchase motorcycle boots with a waterproof feature or, buy waterproof rain covers to go over your boots that can be stored away when not in use. No one likes having soaking wet socks. Investing in waterproof boots or covers will alleviate that problem while maintaining your grip on the pedals. 



These items are the essential pieces of equipment when it comes to riding in the rain. It will help you get a jumpstart on what you'll need without questioning where to begin. You can continue to build off of that foundation with extra pieces of gear made for rain afterward, if you choose to do so. For more resources and articles, CLICK HERE.

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