Technology has produced scores of devices helping to make passenger cars safer than they were ten or fifteen years ago. From ABS, navigation systems and airbags to stability control systems, electronics have saved countless lives.

On the other hand, the introduction of electronics in today's cars, most particularly through video screens and internet-connected smart phones, has brought about such a wide array of distractions that a rapidly increasing number of crashes are now caused by inattentive drivers.

The same paradox can be present when looking at Bluetooth-enabled motorcycle helmets. Do they contribute to a rider's safety, or are they a source of distraction and disastrous motorcycle accidents in Wisconsin?

Motorcycle safety experts tend to agree that the advantages of a Bluetooth communication device outweigh the dangers of being distracted.

Bluetooth technology allows wireless communication with a cell phone, navigation system, and radio or music player. With speakers and a microphone installed in the helmet, the motorcyclist is able to talk to fellow riders traveling in a group, listen to traffic and weather information and receive instructions from the GPS system. You can set up your cell phone with speech recognition to make your calls.

Communicating with other motorcyclists traveling with you is a great feature. riders often fail to understand what the leader of the group wants, and with Bluetooth, the leader can inform group members of maneuvers, changes and obstacles well in advance.

Listening to music is not believed to seriously increase the risk of a crash, unless the sound is put at a very loud level. Overall, Bluetooth-enabled helmets are comfortable and efficient - and another great reason to put on your helmet at all times.

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