March 2021 Newsletter



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WATCH: Don't Wait To Call An Attorney


3 reasons you shouldn't wait to call an attorney
After an accident, the quicker you call an attorney, the better. Check out the three biggest reasons why you should not wait to pick up the phone.


POLL: Fans Allowed To Attend NCAA Games, Is It March Madness?


The NCAA will allow a limited number of fans at the 2021 Division I Men’s Basketball Championship, including all rounds and the Final Four.
Would you feel comfortable attending a live sporting event such as this?


NOMINATE: "Love For The Community" Charity Donation Contest!


Love for the community
We've launched our Love For The Community Contest on Facebook! Hundreds of people have nominated great local nonprofits that they'd like to see win a $1,500 donation. Have you nominated one yet?
The nomination period ends March 15, at which point, the top 10 organizations with the most nominations will go into a final voting round
The top FOUR organizations with the most votes in the finals will be selected to each win a donation from Hupy and Abraham!


TESTIMONIAL: Recover From Your Injuries While We Cover The Rest




PSA: Slow Down, Save Lives!


Slow down save lives
Slow Down. Save Lives. is a new initiative launched by Hupy and Abraham to raise awareness of reckless driving in our local community. The message is timely. The number of traffic-related deaths in Wisconsin this year has surpassed the totals for each of the last two years. Click "Learn More" for more information or to request a free "Slow Down. Save Lives." bumper sticker.


RESULTS: $235,000 for Semitruck Passenger


Semi-truck with $235,000
Our client was a passenger in a semitruck that lost control on an off-ramp and rolled over. But despite the serious injuries she suffered, the insurance company refused to make an offer by claiming a pre-existing condition.
Our personal injury lawyers are experienced in helping people who have been hurt in all kinds of accidents and have collected over $1 billion for them over the years. If you've also had a positive experience with us and would like to provide a referral or a review, we look forward to hearing from you!




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