Hupy and Abraham Biker Newsletter Feb 2021


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Motorcycle Passenger Hurt After Car Backs Into Them At A Gas Station
A person filling up the gas tank of a motorcycle which then stalled throwing the passenger off and they were awarded $30,000
Results: Our client was a passenger on a motorcycle that was stopped at a gas station. A car leaving a parking stall backed into the motorcycle, throwing the passenger from the bike.
Chicken Bone On Pizza Yields $45,000
A person in pain holding their mouth after they bit on a bone in pizza that was awarded $45,000
Results: No one expects to find a bone on a pizza, and our client suffered a serious injury due to the negligence of a tavern's kitchen staff.
Why Do You Love to Ride?
A driver and passenger on a motorcycle on a road in a wooded area with passenger having her hands in the air
Join the conversation: It's cold, and we're trapped inside. So we've been asking - why do you love to ride?
Coming February 14: Love For The Community Contest!
A pink background with cut out hearts on the side with the words
Get Read To Nominate: February is the month of love, and we want to share some with our community, during a time when the need is so great. On Valentine's Day, February 14th, we will launch our Love For The Community Contest on Facebook, asking YOU to nominate a charity or non-profit organization that is close to your heart. The nomination period will last until March 15th, at which point, the top 10 organizations will go into a final voting round lasting until April 14th. On our 52nd Anniversary, April 15th, the top FOUR organizations with the most votes will be named winners and each will receive a $1,500 donation! So start thinking about who you'd love to nominate and be on the lookout for the contest on 2/14/21!
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