April 2021 Newsletter


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Ready To Ride?
Ready To Ride?
Watch: If your motorcycle has been sitting in storage or hasn't been on the road in a while, here are a few things to check before you ride!
Split-Second Decision Motorcycle Accident Results In $44,000 Settlement
Wrecked motorcycle
Results: When a negligent driver pulled out in front of our client on his motorcycle, he did the only thing he could to avoid being struck - lay his bike down. Afterward, the insurance company tried to say that it wasn't necessary for him to have done so, and that his injuries were his fault.
Injured Motorcyclist Receives Settlement Almost Three Times More Than Initial Offer
Motorcycle riding down country road
Results: After a truck pulled out in front of our client while he was on his motorcycle, the insurance company tried to claim that the impact was partially his fault.
April Showers Bring Special Gear!
Motorcycle side mirror
Get The Essentials: What gear do you consider essential for inclement weather?
Watch For Motorcycles
Man on motorcycle
Spread Awareness: Remind drivers to actively watch for riders AND protect your face and hair while riding with a free Watch For Motorcycles buff!
Behind The Handlebars!
Behind the handle bars
Get Caught Up: With warmer weather upon us, we've been binging our motorcycle video series, Behind The Handlebars, in anticipation of what we hope to be a more active motorcycle event season!
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