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WATCH: What To NEVER Say After An Accident


A video going over what you should never say to the insurance company after an accident
After an accident, of any severity, the insurance company wants to process your claim as quickly and cheaply as possible. But, that may leave you under-compensated. Before and after you call an attorney like Hupy and Abraham, here is what you should NEVER say to the insurance company.


POLL: What grade would you give the roads where you live?


A white background with two circles showing different road conditions of a nice paved road and one with potholes that are dangerous for people to drive on
City to city, block to block, the quality of the roads in our communities vary greatly. What grade would you give yours?


GIVEAWAY: April Showers Umbrella Giveaway!


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Spring is here and the April showers are upon us! We'd love to help you stay safe and dry, so we're giving away a Hupy and Abraham umbrella! Visit our Facebook post and enter to win today!


TESTIMONIAL: Service and Results, Every Time


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PSA: April is Distracted Driving Month!


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Plain and simple, drivers who are using a cell phone are four times more likely to crash than a driver who is not distracted. This is true whether the cell phone is handheld or hands-free.
RESULTS: $225,000 To Passenger With Multiple Injuries


Two people driving in a vehicle that were in a car accident and awarded $225,000
After filing suit and rejecting an initial offer of $150,000 to settle the case, we got our client $225,000 before trial.
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Our personal injury lawyers are experienced in helping people who have been hurt in all kinds of accidents and have collected over $1 billion for them over the years. If you've also had a positive experience with us and would like to provide a referral or a review, we look forward to hearing from you!




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