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It's a golden rule for pedestrians to never touch an unattended bike, even if they are just admiring the view. Unfortunately, not everyone likes to follow this rule, especially thieves. It's never easy leaving your motorcycle unattended when you're out in public taking care of essential errands on a day-to-day basis. That feeling of unease is even more apparent when you start to question the safety of the surrounding area where you parked your bike. Unlike cars, anything you leave on your bike is exposed to theft the moment you leave it. This is why it is essential for bikers to be wary of where they choose to store their bikes when in public.


This article will go over steps you can take to give you better peace of mind when parking your bike. It will also ensure that that you have the necessary tools to make any potential thief think twice about trying to steal your bike. 


  1.  Well-lit area: If you ever have a second thought about where you are parking your bike, it's best if you go with your gut feeling and move it to an area where you feel more comfortable. Leaving your bike in dark and secluded areas makes it more prone to theft than in a well-lit area. If you have a recurring pattern of going to a specific destination daily, going a different route and parking in various locations is a great way to throw off anyone trying to study your patterns. 
  2. Motorcycle locks: Don't expect a scooter or a bicycle lock to protect your $60,000 bike from a determined thief. Having a proper lock can be the difference if your bike is still parked in the area where you left it. While a lock is not a guarantee to stop thieves, it is a deterrent. Combining that with parking it in a secure area will make it harder to steal. The goal is to make it as difficult as possible for someone to steal your bike. Time is of the essence for thieves. The longer it takes to steal your bike, the harder it is for thieves to be successful at it.
  3. Security systems: Having security systems in place, such as a tracking device, is a great way to protect your bike at all times. Not only will this make it harder for theft to occur, but you will also be able to monitor the whereabouts of your bike at all times. While this option may be on the expensive side for security, your peace of mind will thank you for it. 
  4. Covers: Not only do covers keep your bike clean during the winter season, but it also makes it even more difficult for thieves to make out your bike model. If a particular model is in high demand for theft, then having a cover can prove beneficial in not drawing attention to your bike.  
  5. Vigilance: Above all else, staying vigilant and making sound decisions will benefit you the most in the end. If something doesn't feel right in terms of your bike's safety, trust your gut feeling.


Thieves never take days off from trying to take your valuable bike. So it is crucial that you never let your guard down when leaving your bike unattended. These tips can help ensure that you have confidence in knowing that your bike will be in the exact area you left it when you return. For more resources on motorcycle information, visit and also visit our Facebook page at


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