Bicycle accident injuries? Move fast to get the fair recovery you deserve!From the moment of impact, you’ve been concerned about your recovery. Will the doctors be able to help you heal? Will you have the money that you need to pay for medical care, rehabilitation therapy, and your regular bills while you are out of work due to your injuries? What should you do to protect yourself now?

Seven Steps to Take After a Bicycle Accident Injury

If a car hit you as you were riding your bicycle on an Illinois street, then it is important to:

  1. Call the police. If you’ve been seriously injured, if you are on a busy road, or if you are otherwise in danger, then call 911. Police and first responders will be immediately dispatched to your location.
  2. Accept medical help. Allow first responders to treat your immediate medical needs and transport you to the hospital if you are hurt or if the first responders are concerned about injuries that cannot be seen yet.
  3. Trade contact information, license information, and insurance information at the scene of the accident. This will allow you to find the other party and to pursue a recovery after you’ve left the accident scene.
  4. Follow the prescribed treatment plan. This will help both your medical and your legal recoveries.
  5. Watch what you say to insurance adjusters. Anything that you say to the insurance company may be misunderstood and later used against you.
  6. Talk to a personal injury attorney. Most lawyers provide free consultations. Thus, you have nothing to lose and much to potentially gain by speaking with an attorney.
  7. Take action before it is too late. Generally, the Illinois statute of limitations gives you two years to file a claim. However, you should not wait that long to get started with your recovery.

These steps are meant as a guide. However, a missed step does not mean that you won’t recover. Instead, it means that you should contact an attorney right away. Please fill out our online contact form to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to learn more about your rights and your potential recovery. You are also invited to read our FREE bicycle safety brochure, which discusses measures you can take to protect your family from accidents.

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