Riding a motorcycle is such an amazing and freeing form of transportation. It’s no wonder that so many people have decided to get out of their cars and straddle a motorcycle. In fact, there are over 490,000 Wisconsin citizens who hold motorcycle licenses.

A common problem for many motorcycle riders is not having enough space to put their personal items. There no trunks or back seats to put things. Some motorcycles use saddle bags. But sometimes this is still not enough room, especially when traveling for long distances across many miles.

A great way to ensure that a rider has plenty of space is to tow a trailer. There are many great trailers that are easy to tow. It is important to get the right trailer in order to stay safe and prevent a motorcycle accident in Milwaukee. If a rider is considering purchasing a trailer for his motorcycle, he should consider these trailer tips:

  • Weight. A trailer should be as light as possible while maintaining structural quality. It should be light enough for a motorcycle to pull without interfering with the proper control of the motorcycle. A good weight for a trailer is generally between 120 and 150 pounds.
  • Size. The height and width of a trailer is very important. The width should not too much wider than a touring bike with saddle bags. The height of the trailer should be no higher than the bottom of a trunk on a touring motorcycle.
  • Shape. The shape of a motorcycle trailer should be one that efficiently uses the most space. Riders should look for a trailer that is not oddly shaped or rounded. An unusually shaped trailer may make it difficult to stow items such as luggage, ice chests, or lawn chairs.

Motorcycles can be fun and exciting, but also very dangerous because of other, negligent drivers. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Wisconsin, it is important to get the compensation you deserve. Contact a Wisconsin motorcycle lawyer at Hupy and Abraham, to discuss your legal options. Call 800-800-5678 today for a free consultation.

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