Intoxicated drivers often cause motorcycle accidents in IowaYou have your reasons for knowing that the driver who caused your Iowa motorcycle accident was drunk.However, in order to recover damages for your injuries you are going to have to prove that the driver was drunk and that the driver caused that motorcycle accident that hurt you. You are going to have to convince the court or the insurance company that the other driver was at fault and has a legal obligation to pay you damages.

How Are You Going to Do This?

You are going to need evidence. Specifically, you are going to need evidence that a driver was intoxicated, evidence that the driver caused the crash, and evidence of your injuries. Such evidence may include:

  • The results of a breathalyzer test at the accident scene.
  • The results of a blood test soon after the accident.
  • Witness testimony. This could include witnesses who saw the other driver operating his vehicle erratically or witnesses who saw the driver drink shortly before the accident, for example.
  • Interrogatories or depositions that the other driver answers under oath.
  • Police reports.
  • Accident reconstruction reports.
  • Your medical records.

You do not always need everything on this list. Similarly, you may have reliable evidence that is not included on this list that should be considered in your case.

You Need to Know How to Use the Evidence You Have

It isn’t enough to have evidence. You still have to use the evidence to convince the insurance company to settle with you or to convince the judge or jury to find in your favor. An intoxicated driver who hits a motorcyclist can cause catastrophic injuries for that rider—a fact that you know all too well.

While you can’t go back and avoid the accident that left you so seriously injured, you can focus on your recovery. You can contact an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer for help collecting evidence, analyzing evidence, and making convincing arguments that help you get the damages that you deserve. To learn more, please start a free live chat with us today.


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