Dog attacks can occur without warning in a variety of locations

Any dog can bite. It could be your best friend’s dog that bites your child or it could be a strange dog on the sidewalk that bites you. You can’t always predict when an animal—even a previously sweet and calm dog—might bite or attack. However, there are some locations where you should be aware about the potential for a dog bite injury.

Beware of Dog Bites in These Four Locations

Sometimes, dog bites occur where you might least expect them, such as in, at, or on:

  • A business, such as a vet’s office. Dogs need to go to the vet and sometimes enter other businesses such as pet stores, restaurants with outdoor seating, or offices.
  • A park. Some parks specifically allow dogs to be off-leash while others allow dogs to be on park grounds as long as they are on leashes. Either way, you may have a claim if you are hurt by a dog at a park.
  • A sidewalk or yard. You may encounter a dog being walked on a leash or a dog running loose while you are on the sidewalk or in your yard.
  • Another person’s home. You may be hurt by a dog while you are guest in someone else’s apartment or house.

If you are hurt by someone else’s a dog in any of these locations—or anywhere else—then it is important to know who could be legally responsible for paying your damages.

Know Who Could Be Liable If You’re Hurt

Who may be liable for your dog bite injury depends on the unique circumstances of your case. According to the Illinois Animal Control Act, any of the following people may be liable for your injuries:

  • The dog’s owner.
  • The person who had custody of the dog at the time that you were hurt.
  • The property owner or landlord who knowingly allowed the dog to remain on the property.

If you’ve been hurt by a dog anywhere in Illinois, then it is important to pursue a fair recovery from the right person. Please start a live chat with us now to learn more about your rights and about how we can help you protect your fair recovery from person, or people, responsible for your dog bite injuries.

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