Learn what to do after a dog attacks you in someone else's home

More information would be needed to give you a definitive answer. However, assuming that you were invited into the home or had a legal right to be there, that you were acting peacefully, and that you were not provoking the dog, then the person who should pay for your damages is not you.

Others Who Should Pay

You may take action to pursue a legal settlement or verdict against the “owner” of the dog. While the word “owner” is used in the Illinois Animal Control Act, it has more than one meaning. For purposes of a dog bite recovery, any of the following people may be considered an owner:

  • The person who owns the dog.
  • The person who is keeping the dog for the owner, or who has custody of the dog at the time that you are hurt.
  • The property owner who knowingly allows the dog to remain on his property.

Thus, before you take action against a potential defendant, you need to know more about who owned the dog, who owned the property, and who had custody or control of the dog at the time that you were bitten or otherwise injured.

If You Don’t Want to Pay, Then You Need to Take Action

Your time to pursue a claim against any of the potential defendants described above is limited. Accordingly, it is important to identify the person, or persons, responsible for your bite, to protect the evidence in your case, and to speak with a dog bite lawyer as soon as possible to make sure that you file your lawsuit within the legal time limits.

Dog bites injuries can happen anywhere. If you’ve suffered an injury from a dog in someone else’s home, then we encourage you to talk to an attorney to make sure that you’ve identified all of the potential defendants and that you take the appropriate actions to protect your recovery. Please contact us today via this website to learn more.

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