Your time to participate in a medical class action has very strict limits

You ask an important question, because if you miss the deadline by even just one day then you will be unable to recover damages in a pharmaceutical class action case.

Generally, personal injury cases in Wisconsin must be filed within three years of when you knew or should have reasonably known that you suffered an injury. If the class action lawsuit is filed in a different state court or in federal court, then the time limit specified by the statute of limitations may be different.

Additionally, specific deadlines for joining an existing class action lawsuit may be imposed and must be met with in order to protect your right to a fair recovery.

Don’t Wait Until You Are Up Against a Deadline

There are very good reasons for taking action sooner rather than later and not waiting until you are nearing the statute of limitations or class action deadline to take action. Specifically, by taking action sooner you:

  • Preserve evidence. The sooner you take action, the sooner that evidence can be preserved. This evidence could be important to you as you try to prove your claim in court or reach a fair settlement.
  • Begin the recovery process sooner. You can’t recover damages until you take action. Thus, if you take action sooner then you may recover damages and hold the pharmaceutical company accountable sooner.
  • Avoid potential costly mistakes. Mistakes are common after pharmaceutical injuries. For example, negotiating directly with a pharmaceutical company can be a mistake that could hurt your recovery. Instead of doing that, you should consult with an experienced pharmaceutical injury lawyer who knows how to protect your rights and recovery.

To learn more about how a pharmaceutical class action case works in Wisconsin and to make sure that your individual rights are protected, we invite you to reach out to us at your convenience. We are available 24/7/365 through live chat or by phone (1-800-800-5678).

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