Various factors come into play when it comes to motorcycle insurance rates. Does your nephew have his insurance through the same company? Does he have the same amount and type of Gurnee motorcycle insurance? If so, then take a look at these additional factors cited by online sources that insurance companies consider to come up with your rate.

  • Age. Older motorcyclists generally receive a lower insurance rate.
  • Experience. Experience is considered more important than age. A younger rider with experience will get a lower insurance rate than an older, beginning rider.
  • Where You Live. If you live in a high-crime neighborhood or in an area where a lot of accidents occur, you will pay more for your insurance.
  • Type of Motorcycle. If you have a powerful, expensive bike, you will pay more to insure it.
  • Amount of Use. If your annual mileage is low, or if you ride your motorcycle for only part of the year, you may pay less for your insurance.
  • Training. You may be entitled to a discounted insurance rate if you have taken advanced motorcycle riding or safety courses.
  • Driving History. A ticket on your record—or an accident for which you were responsible—is likely to increase your insurance premium at the next renewal period or when you change insurers.

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