Sadly, motorcycle accidents are one of the biggest causes of traumatic brain injuries, and we are saddened to hear that your husband suffered such a serious injury. When facing life-altering injuries like this, it is good to first learn all you can about the injury and how you can help your husband. This way you can be prepared for things that may come up down the road. 

After learning about the injury and helping your husband pursue justice through a Wisconsin personal injury lawsuit, you can start promoting motorcycle safety. One of the quickest ways and most effective ways you can get the message out to other drivers is to talk about your husband’s experience and his Appleton motorcycle accident.

By talking about it and focusing on how drivers do not pay enough attention to motorcyclists on the road, it can make others drivers more aware of their behaviors when they get behind the wheel. Drivers of passenger vehicles do realize that motorcycles are hard to spot because of their small size; however, you can still encourage them to look out for motorcyclists before they change lanes, turn or merge.

As Wisconsin motorcycle accident lawyers, we not only represent injured motorcyclists but we also ride ourselves. We are active in the motorcycle community and help raise awareness through our free resources, motorcycle guide, watch for motorcycles sticker, and more. If you would like to obtain a motorcycle awareness sticker to place on your vehicle, call Hupy & Abraham toll-free at (800) 800-5678 for your motorcycle safety sticker today. 

Additionally, if your husband needs help pursuing an Appleton motorcycle accident case against the negligent driver involved, we would be happy to provide you with a free consultation.