It’s not always expensive Harley Davidsons that are stolen. According to the Motorcycle Cruiser website, there are a number of reasons why someone may steal your bike.

  • Someone sees an opportunity. You’ve left your bike vulnerable by parking it in a dark, secluded area, or you don’t have sufficient locks or alarms to dissuade a thief.
  • A thrill-seeker is looking for a joy ride. Perhaps a less-than-scrupulous individual or group of individuals just wants to grab your bike for a joy ride. After having their fun, they simply ditch the bike, dismantle it for parts, alter the VIN and resell the bike, or smuggle it out of the country and sell it as-is.
  • Your motorcycle is on a thief’s shopping list. A thief may be looking for a certain make of bike that he knows he can get rid of. This may include motorcycles that:
    • Are frequently wrecked;
    • Have racing potential;
    • Have a special engine, such as a car-racing formula class;
    • Are customized; or
    • Are sold in great numbers.

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