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Is a drug that is newly approved by the FDA safer than previous drugs approved to treat the same condition? Will I be safe from dangerous side effects and avoid a pharmaceutical injury in Milwaukee if I take an FDA approved drug?


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Newer drugs are not necessarily safer drugs. There is no requirement that a new drug has to be safer than a drug that is already on the market in order for it to be approved by the FDA. Instead, the FDA needs to find that the new drug is more effective to treat a specific health condition than a placebo.

While newer drugs are not necessarily safer than drugs already on the market, many Americans are unaware of that fact. A study published by Dartmouth researchers in 2011 found that patients were more likely to choose a newer drug than one that had been on the market for some time. However, that is not always the safest choice since side effects from older drugs may be more readily known.

Additionally, 39 percent of people who participated in the study believed that the FDA only approves “extremely effective” drugs and a quarter of people who participated in the study believed that the FDA only approves drugs without serious side effects. That is simply not true. A drug does not need to be extremely effective nor does it need to be without serious side effects to gain FDA approval.

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