Facial scar revision surgery sounds promising. It sounds like your child may not have to show the physical scars of her dog bite for the rest of her life.

Unfortunately, facial scar revision surgery is not the same as eliminating scarring. The plastic surgeon may be able to revise the scars. The doctor may be able to:

  • Make the scar smaller.
  • Make the scar blend in with the skin a bit better.
  • Move the scar to the shadow of your child’s face or to her hairline.

Yet the scar will still remain. It not usually possible to make a scar disappear completely. In addition, the area that the dog bit may have been so large that a satisfactory revision may be impossible.

Furthermore, the surgery may be traumatic itself. It may be painful and it may be scary for your child, and your child may have to continue to live with the uncomfortable acts and prejudice assumptions that some people make when they see a person with a facial deformity.

We are not trying to discourage you from consenting to a facial scar revision surgery for your child. Instead, we are trying to encourage you to do two things. First, we recommend having an honest conversation with your child’s doctor and seeking a second opinion, if appropriate. Make sure that you have the knowledge that you need to make an informed decision on your child’s behalf. Second, we recommend learning about your child’s legal rights. Know what you can do to protect your child’s future.

Please read our free dog bite brochure for more information on how to help your child.

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