You want the scar revision surgery. You’ve already talked to your doctor about the potential benefits and risks of the procedure, and you have made the decision that the scar revision surgery will help you. It will make your scar less noticeable, it will make you more self-confident, and it will help you succeed in the future.

But How Will You Pay For It?

Your health insurance has informed you that the procedure is not covered. Your insurance company won’t pay for it because they do not see any medical benefit to the procedure.

Facial scar revision surgery may not improve your physical health, but it could significantly and dramatically improve your emotional health and your ability to function in society. Accordingly, it is important to think about the need for future surgeries before you settle your dog bite case. Your doctors or other expert witnesses may recommend that you wait to have these important medical procedures, but they can help you and your lawyer anticipate:

  • The types of procedures that you will need.
  • The financial costs of these procedures.
  • The anticipated success of these procedures.
  • The recovery time associated with these procedures.

Then you and your lawyer should fight to have these things included in your dog bite settlement, so that any future facial scar revision procedures are not paid for out of your own pocket.

It can be difficult to predict the future, but it is important to anticipate the scar revision surgeries that you will need and to plan accordingly. To learn more, or for help with your dog bite case, please start a live chat with us today.

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