Is my child in danger from JUUL e-cigarettes?

JUUL products are still relatively new to the market. JUUL Labs began selling vapor products in 2015. Since then, the number of middle school and high school students using vaporizers has increased significantly, and JUUL dominates the market.

All of the risks associated with JUUL products may not be known yet. However, as a parent, there are some risks that you need to know.

Possible E-Cigarette Risks

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), e-cigarettes are not safe for kids, teens, or young adults. Some of the specific risks include:

  • Interference with brain development. The human brain continues to develop until around age 25. Nicotine can negatively impact the parts of the brain that control mood, learning, attention, and impulse control. Additionally, nicotine can impact the way brain synapses form.
  • Nicotine addiction. JUULpods often contain more nicotine than a cigarette. Additionally, JUULpods contain nicotine salts that allow high levels of nicotine to be inhaled.
  • Other addictions. Using nicotine during adolescence can increase a person’s risk of becoming addicted to other dangerous substances.

Other potential risks are still being evaluated. For example, some of the non-nicotine ingredients found in vaping products may cause lung damage.

Is Your Child Vaping?

JUUL products do not look like cigarettes. Instead, they resemble USB flash drives, and they are relatively easy for teens to hide from their parents. Your child could be at risk of suffering the significant injuries described above, and you may not even be aware that your child is vaping.

The American Lung Association suggests finding the right time and place to talk to your child, appealing to your child’s good judgment, and asking open-ended questions to encourage a conversation. The conversation should be ongoing and should start before middle school. If you need help beginning this critical conversation with your child, you can look at the American Lung Association’s vaping conversation starters.

If your child has already been hurt by JUUL products, then you can still help your child by contacting an experienced Iowa lawyer for an initial consultation about your child’s rights. It won’t cost you anything to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your child’s rights and our Win or It’s Free Guarantee. Call us today to learn more.

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