Wisconsin is ranked seventh in the nation for deer-auto accidents. While there are no rankings for Wisconsin deer-motorcycle accidents, these are not uncommon. Deer are hard to see. If they are spooked by the sound of an oncoming vehicle, they may run into the road. There may be nothing a motorcyclist can do to avoid a crash. Many deer-motorcycle accidents are quite serious and result in extensive injuries. The victim may be left with thousands of dollars in medical bills.

You are right: you cannot expect a deer to pay your medical expenses. And there’s a good chance that your own insurance company won’t pay the bills. In Wisconsin, drivers are only required to carry liability insurance. Unless you have additional no-fault or personal injury protection coverage, your insurance company may not offer much help.

If you do carry PIP or no-fault coverage, your insurance company should cover your medical bills up to the limit of your policy. But you must make your claim in a timely manner.

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