While minor side effects that go away without medical treatment and without days lost from work are typically not injuries that are included in pharmaceutical class actions, there are many other types of injuries that may be included in class action lawsuits.

Members of a “class” or group that files a lawsuit together against a pharmaceutical company or medical device manufacturer must suffer similar, though not identical, harms from the drug they used or medical device they received. If your Milwaukee class action lawsuit is successful, then you will recover damages that are proportionate to the harm that you suffered from the drug. Other members of the class will also receive recoveries that are proportionate to their injuries.

Until you talk to a Milwaukee medical device lawyer, it can be difficult to understand whether your injury is one that is similar to that of other people for purposes of a class action lawsuit. Thus, if you have suffered any injury then it is important to contact an experienced Milwaukee class action attorney to learn more about the class filing the lawsuit and how you may fit into the class to get the recovery that you deserve in an affordable and efficient manner.

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