Our Bloomington motorcycle accident lawyers see this scenario a lot. The driver of a passenger vehicle makes a left turn in front the motorcycle. The motorcyclist doesn’t have time to get out of the way. He ends up with serious injuries.

These types of Illinois motorcycle accidents are almost always the fault of the car driver. The driver is distracted or just didn’t think to look for motorcycles. Sometimes the driver sees the motorcycle, but he misjudges the motorcycle’s distance or speed.

In our recent article, Watch for Motorcycles and Prevent Illinois Motorcycle Wrecks, we explain how car drivers can look out for riders. But riders can also take steps to protect themselves:

  • Be aware of other vehicles. Keep an eye out for drivers who are signaling, braking, slowing down or otherwise indicating they may turn. Keep an eye out for drivers when passing driveways, entrances, and intersections.
  • Never assume the driver can see you—even if the driver appears to be staring right at you.
  • Never assume that a vehicle will yield to your right of way.
  • Slow down at intersections so you have more time and room to maneuver and to stop if necessary.
  • Be prepared. When approaching an intersection, think about where you will go if a vehicle crosses your path.

The Bloomington motorcycle injury attorneys at Hupy and Abraham are dedicated to protecting the rights of Illinois motorcyclists. If you are injured in an Illinois left turn motorcycle accident, contact Hupy and Abraham at 866-532-4800 to find out how we can help you. The initial consultation is free.

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