These helpful tips can protect your rights after a negligent security incident

There is a lot of content—including articles, answers to frequently asked questions, and our book, Negligent Security: What You Need to Know About It—on this website. All of this content is important and provides useful information about pursuing a negligent security claim and protecting your right to a fair recovery.

But There Are Some Tips That You Need to Know About as Soon as You Are Hurt

Immediately following your attack, it is important to know…

  • How to report the incident. Your attack and injuries should be immediately reported to the police and to the property owner. If you are not physically able to make the report then someone else should do it on your behalf.
  • How to deal with insurance companies. Insurance companies are in business to make a profit. That means that they want to minimize the amount that they pay in claims. While the adjusters may not be looking out for your best interests, there are steps that you can take to protect your potential settlement with the insurance company.
  • How to avoid common mistakes that could hurt your claim. Failing to report the attack, talking openly with the insurance company, relying on criminal proceedings to protect your rights and other mistakes could cost you your fair recovery. It is important to be aware of potential mistakes so that you can avoid them.

By understanding the tips described above, you may begin protecting your rights and your recovery as soon as you are hurt.

Don’t Wait to Find Out More or to Get Help

As soon as you physically able to take action, you should do so.

You can begin by contacting an experienced lawyer who isn’t afraid to stand up to the insurance company and who will fight hard for your fair and just financial recovery while you concentrate on your physical recovery. To learn more about your rights or to schedule a free consultation, please contact us today via this website or by phone at 1-800-800-5678.

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