Tylenol contains acetaminophen, and reports of serious—and sometimes fatal—acetaminophen overdoses are not new. However, what is new is Johnson & Johnson’s plan to change the warnings on bottles of Extra-Strength Tylenol this month and on the packaging of other Tylenol products in the coming months.

Acetaminophen pills

It has been reported that Johnson & Johnson is changing labels now because of increased pressure both from lawsuits and from the federal government. Acetaminophen overdoses are said to kill hundreds of people and injures tens of thousands more people every year, though not every death and injury is associated with Tylenol specifically.

The new warnings will reportedly alert Tylenol users to the serious and potentially fatal risks of an acetaminophen overdose. It is important to use Tylenol, and all other medications, as directed.

The vast majority of Tylenol users will not have a need to call a Cedar Rapids class action lawyer, because most people use Tylenol without injury. However, if you have been hurt—or if a loved one has been killed—by a Tylenol overdose, then it may be important to contact a Cedar Rapids class action attorney to discuss your legal rights and your possible recovery.

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