We are sorry to hear about the death of your spouse. It may be frustrating to know that in 1977, an expert panel advised the FDA that additional warnings should be added to acetaminophen medication labels about the potential risk of liver damage. The concern, even then, was about the possibility of serious or fatal liver damage when too much acetaminophen was taken at one time.

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However, it wasn’t until Tylenol’s labels began to be changed in the 1990s and 2000s that the manufacturer specifically acknowledged a link between overdoses and liver damage on consumer packaging. Today, questions remain as to whether the warnings provided on Tylenol labels (and on other drugs containing acetaminophen) are sufficient.

If you suffered liver damage or if a loved one died from liver damage after an acetaminophen overdose, then it is important to contact an experienced Bloomington class action lawyer for help. In some cases, a drug company’s failure to provide adequate warnings to patients or consumers can mean that an injured party, or his or her survivors, will be able to recover damages.

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