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The testimonials on this page describe the great experiences our clients have had with our Milwaukee car accident attorneys and Iowa and Illinois personal injury lawyers. Hupy and Abraham accident lawyers in Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa know what it's like to deal with the aftermath of a serious personal injury accident.

Read to learn about our clients' stories, how our pharmaceutical injury and wrongful death lawyers in Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa have helped improve their lives, and how we can help you with your case if you've been hurt in a motor vehicle or slip and fall accident. We also represent wrongful death and pharmaceutical class action lawsuits.

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  • Thanks for supporting the State Rally and Summer Hummer.

    Just sending you a note to say Thank You again. Thanks for your continued support of this ABATE of Wiscosin program. The State Rally, Summer Hummer sponsorship is an important program for our organization, and we appreciate your continued support with it.  

    Tiger Beyer
    Sponsorship Program Chair
    ABATE of Wisconsin
  • We are so lucky that you support the motorcycle community.

    Every organization is only as good as its people and its financial health. You know more then anyone we have struggled on the financial side.  Without your leadership and generosity, our key mission - Motorcycle Rights, Awareness and Safety - would still be taking a backseat. To be honest, the hole we dug was almost unrecoverable. It was your idea and the offer to match moneys raised for the land that turned things around. That match got our members, even some who have hated the land from day 1 to open their own wallets and hold those extra fundraisers to earn your matches. In just a few years we went from being in a precarious financial position to rock solid.  Personally and professionally, I am one of your biggest backers. You’re the real deal. You haven't just opened the firm's treasury, you personally have added your family resources as well – WOW!  Believe it or not your cash is important - yet there's something even more valuable. You give us credibility and earn respect by taking the time to personally attend Regions, State Meetings and Conferences. Your presence validates to the world that our cause and mission is important. I know your heart is with us. Financially there are so many other good causes or places that you could put your $$$$. Most certainly many would give you a better return than motorcycle rights. For all of US who Ride (God Bless YOU) we are so lucky that years ago you took up supporting the rider community.  I hope you continue to support (motorcyclists), motorcycle rights and US for years to come.

    Tim Tomann
    Area Rep 1F Waukesha County
    Share the Road Instructor
    Financial Committee
    State - Highway Safety Committee
    District 1 - Board of Directors
    ABATE of WI
  • Your support of ABATE is so incredible.

    Your support of ABATE is so incredible - I can't even put into words how thankful we are for that and all you do for motorcyclists.

    Laurie Thompson
    ABATE of Wisconsin
  • It's a pleasure to be a friend!

    Michael Hupy, Jason Abraham and Todd Korb, You and the total staff at Hupy and Abraham, S.C. are nothing less than "legendary!" Your legacy is permeating this state and the Midwest like none before! My main constructive feedback is that - you should be a nation-wide law firm and rider rights leader! Keep up the great work! It's a pleasure to be a friend! God Bless you.

    Dave Zien
    Former State Senator
  • We appreciate all that your firm does to assist brothers and sisters that go down.

    Hupy and Abraham, thank you so much! We at ABATE Inc. appreciate all that your firm does to not only assist we brothers and sisters that go down; but the donations and involvement to keep riding safer.

    Dr. Vern
    ABATE Region 2A
  • Thank you for sponsoring the riders New Year's Eve Bash.

    Hupy and Abraham, I received your check for the sponsorship of the band at the riders New Year's Eve Bash.......THANK YOU !!!!!! Once again, thanks for your support AND all that your firm does to protect riders' rights!!!!!    

    Ron (Rebel) Gasser
  • I plan to share my experiences with anyone that will listen.

    Hupy and Abraham, I just had a bittersweet moment of receiving my settlement checks and am trying to soak it all in; tough to do at work.  I just wanted to take a few moments, although words cannot express my gratitude to all involved at your firm, for helping me and my family through our recent ordeal, following my motorcycle accident. From the initial consultation, through the property damage claims, the medical claims, the pain and suffering work, and finally the recovery work, my experience with Hupy and Abraham has been as fantastic as any experience like this could be. I truly feel that you guys fought as hard for me and my family as you would have had there been millions of dollars on the line. It speaks to all of your character, and it made a huge difference in the outcome, and my life as well as my family’s. Please allow me to take this one final opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and my family’s heart, for taking care of us in our hours of need. We know that without your efforts the scenario would have played out very differently; my bike would be long gone, we would be in financial ruin, and likely would have struggled just to keep our house. You really do strive to reach your goal of making an ordeal like this as painless as possible, while allowing your client to heal. In my case you’ve reached it, possibly eclipsed it. I have learned a lot and if I ever need you again (hopefully not, no offense!), I will not hesitate to call. I also plan to share my experiences with anyone that will listen. THANK YOU!

    M. Thompson and Family
  • Thank You for the sponsorship of our Gold Wing Road Riders Association of Wisconsin.

    Thank You for the sponsorship of our Gold Wing Road Riders Association of Wisconsin. We are very pleased that we can send two members to be trained to instruct our rider courses for the District in Wisconsin.  Sending wishes for a Joyous Holiday Season & Happy New Year!!!!!!

    Jill Krizizke
  • Your genuine support of the motorcycle community and the community as a whole is an inspiration.

    Hupy and Abraham, Your genuine support of the motorcycle community and the community as a whole is an inspiration. We are proud to have met you and are grateful for your support and generosity.

    J. Knourek and J. Norman
  • Thank you so much for your support of ABATE Wisconsin.

    Just a note to say Thank You, Thank you, Thank You, to Hupy and Abraham law firm. You guys are the best!!! We had a great time at the Black N Blue Ball. Thank you for including us on your guest list.  It is a great event here in Milwaukee, and we are proud to be part of the Hupy and Abraham team. Recently, we were on the street at 55th & Fond Du Lac Ave with our Milwaukee Awareness Rally and I saw Michael Hupy there. Although we did not speak that morning, it is always great to have Michael there. Thanks!  I talked to Todd Korb who attended the Rally with his son.  Very cool. Thanks for the refreshments also Michael, for after the Awareness Rally. Many of us at the Rally went and we enjoyed your treat to us.  Thank you very much! At the RoadRunners Motorcycle Bike Blessing in Oak Creek, it was a very busy day there already at 12:45pm.   As we entered the grounds, they directed parking to all of us motorcycles on the grass in a lower area.  The ground was kinda wet.  As we pulled up to stop the bike, Michael was passing out Hupy and Abraham Kick-Stand Plates.  I know if he was not there, many motorcycles would have fallen over by their kickstands going into the saturated ground. As I received my ABATE of Wisconsin newsletter for May, in the middle it has our pull-out section promoting our Summer Hummer rally.  It has the sponsors on it, and there is Hupy and Abraham, again as an important part of our organization.  Thank you very much.  Thank you for your sponsorship, and all of your continued support. Thank you, thank you, thank you Hupy and Abraham.   

    T. Beyer