Just a note to say Thank You, Thank you, Thank You, to Hupy and Abraham law firm. You guys are the best!!!

We had a great time at the Black N Blue Ball. Thank you for including us on your guest list.  It is a great event here in Milwaukee, and we are proud to be part of the Hupy and Abraham team.

Recently, we were on the street at 55th & Fond Du Lac Ave with our Milwaukee Awareness Rally and I saw Michael Hupy there. Although we did not speak that morning, it is always great to have Michael there. Thanks!  I talked to Todd Korb who attended the Rally with his son.  Very cool.

Thanks for the refreshments also Michael, for after the Awareness Rally. Many of us at the Rally went and we enjoyed your treat to us.  Thank you very much!

At the RoadRunners Motorcycle Bike Blessing in Oak Creek, it was a very busy day there already at 12:45pm.   As we entered the grounds, they directed parking to all of us motorcycles on the grass in a lower area.  The ground was kinda wet.  As we pulled up to stop the bike, Michael was passing out Hupy and Abraham Kick-Stand Plates.  I know if he was not there, many motorcycles would have fallen over by their kickstands going into the saturated ground.

As I received my ABATE of Wisconsin newsletter for May, in the middle it has our pull-out section promoting our Summer Hummer rally.  It has the sponsors on it, and there is Hupy and Abraham, again as an important part of our organization.  Thank you very much.  Thank you for your sponsorship, and all of your continued support.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Hupy and Abraham.   

T. Beyer