Every organization is only as good as its people and its financial health. You know more then anyone we have struggled on the financial side.  Without your leadership and generosity, our key mission - Motorcycle Rights, Awareness and Safety - would still be taking a backseat. To be honest, the hole we dug was almost unrecoverable. It was your idea and the offer to match moneys raised for the land that turned things around. That match got our members, even some who have hated the land from day 1 to open their own wallets and hold those extra fundraisers to earn your matches. In just a few years we went from being in a precarious financial position to rock solid. 

Personally and professionally, I am one of your biggest backers. You’re the real deal. You haven't just opened the firm's treasury, you personally have added your family resources as well – WOW!  Believe it or not your cash is important - yet there's something even more valuable. You give us credibility and earn respect by taking the time to personally attend Regions, State Meetings and Conferences. Your presence validates to the world that our cause and mission is important.

I know your heart is with us. Financially there are so many other good causes or places that you could put your $$$$. Most certainly many would give you a better return than motorcycle rights. For all of US who Ride (God Bless YOU) we are so lucky that years ago you took up supporting the rider community.  I hope you continue to support (motorcyclists), motorcycle rights and US for years to come.

Tim Tomann
Area Rep 1F Waukesha County
Share the Road Instructor
Financial Committee
State - Highway Safety Committee
District 1 - Board of Directors