Posted on Apr 19, 2012

A collision between a car and a bicycle in Wisconsin Rapids on March 26 left an eleven-year-old boy seriously injured.

According to reports by the Wisconsin Rapids Police Department, two boys were riding bicycles together in the evening. An eleven-year-old boy and a sixteen-year-old boy came to the intersection of West Grand Avenue and West Riverview Expressway. Around 7:44 p.m., the younger boy rode through a red light to cross West Riverview Expressway. A car driven by Leon D. Hintz, a 79-year-old Stevens Point resident, struck the boy. The impact of the collision threw the boy off his bike. Hintz and the three passengers in his car sustained no injuries

The other bicyclist yelled out to the boy just before the accident that he should not cross the intersection. Unfortunately the warning was not sufficient to prevent the crash. Hintz told police he had been traveling at about 30 miles per hour and did not see the boy.

The boy had no night lights on his bicycle.

The boy was transported in serious condition to Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Marshfield. His condition was improved to fair on March 29, and he has subsequently been released.

Lt. Brian Krzykowski of the Wisconsin Rapids Police reminded citizens of the city ordinance dealing with bicycle traffic at intersections. According to the rules, bicyclists must walk their bikes across the street when they are using crosswalks.  If they choose to remain seated, they must ride in the street and obey the same traffic laws as motor vehicles. This includes yielding to traffic with the right-of-way.

Krzykowski also stressed that the warmer spring weather means more bicyclists and pedestrians will be using the city’s streets and sidewalks. Extra caution should be taken when bicycles and pedestrians are around. 

The auto collision attorneys at the Appleton branch of Hupy and Abraham wish the injured boy a speedy recovery. We echo Lt. Krzykowski’s call for drivers to pay greater attention to safety, especially as dusk fades to evening.

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