is an invaluable resource for anyone concerned about car safety. With topics ranging from minimizing risk and injury to choosing a safe car and auto recalls, is the place to find driver safety information.

The Milwaukee auto accident attorneys at Hupy and Abraham will be taking a closer look at their website.

Tips for avoiding a rollover accident

  • Types of rollovers - Not all rollover accidents are created equal. The vast majority of rollover accidents occur when a vehicle leaves the roadway and strikes an object or sinks into soft soil or snow; these accidents account for 95% of all rollover accidents.
  • Causes of rollover accidents - The primary causes of rollovers include:
    • Type of vehicle
    • Speed
    • Alcohol
    • Location

The reason these factors increase the risk of a rollover accident are obvious - SUV's and vans, with a higher center of gravity, are more likely to roll over, and nearly half of all fatal rollover crashes involve alcohol.

  • Rollover rating system - This system gives car buyers a guide to assess the risk that their vehicle would rollover in a single-vehicle crash.
  • Driving techniques - Various videos are available here. Their goal is to teach you various ways to avoid a rollover accident. Techniques include:
    • Proper maneuvering
    • Avoiding panic-like steering
    • Proper tire pressure
  • Rollover FAQ's - This page answers the top ten questions the website receives concerning rollover accidents. One example is: How can I find out which vehicles have technologies like Electronic Stability Control (ESC)?

The attorneys at Hupy and Abraham hope that the above information about rollover accidents helps you stay safe as you travel, whether to Illinois or around Wisconsin. From Gurnee and Green Bay to Milwaukee: Safe driving saves lives.

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