The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for regulating the U.S.  food, drug, medical device, vaccine, cosmetic and tobacco industries.  In this article we will be exploring the information available on the drug portion of their site.  As pharmaceutical class action attorneys, we would like you to have the most current information as it relates to both over the counter and prescription drugs.  

Please use the links and information below to help you better understand and navigate the FDA's website.  
  • Drug approvals and databases- This page is full of information on a wide range of topics.  Useful databases include:  medication acronyms and abbreviations,  adverse event reporting system and the dissolution methods database.  
  • Drug safety and availability- Drug safety topics include a medication guide, public health advisories, medication errors and drug safety podcasts.  
  • FDA basics (drugs)-  Information on the drug approval process, drugs and the safety of approved drugs is available here.  Answers to questions such as, "Are generic drugs the same as brand name drugs?" can be found on this page.
  • News and Announcements- Read and download the latest drug safety information or sign up for their e-mail updates.  Resources on this page includes new drug approvals, drug workshops and updated advisory committee materials.
  • Consumer updates (drugs)- As drug recalls are issued you will be automatically alerted via e-mail.  Other consumer updates include product approvals, safety warnings and other health information.  

The staff and attorneys at Hupy and Abraham hope that the links and information above increase your awareness of recalled and dangerous drugs.  If you believe that you have been injured or made ill due to a defective prescription or over the counter drug, please contact your Wisconsin pharmaceutical class action attorney at Hupy and Abraham today for your free consultation.