Posted on Jul 14, 2010

Avandia, despite calls to stop its production, will remain on the market.  After listening to two days of opinions and reviewing hundreds of pages of data, the Food and Drug Administration has voted to keep the controversial diabetes drug, Avandia, on the market.  The FDA advisors voted 20-12 to allow doctors to continue to prescribe the drug.


However, even those who voted to keep Avandia on the market agree that the drug should carry new warning labels and that the use of the drug should be restricted.  Despite these additional restrictions and warnings opponents of the drug do not believe that these steps will do enough to prevent injuries and deaths purportedly caused by Avandia.


An earlier vote by the panel found that Avandia does in fact increase heart risks.  At that time the packaging on the drug was changed to note the possibility of increased risk of heart attack in some users.


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