Posted on Jun 18, 2010

A family argument led to one man's arrest and a potentially deadly accident.  Michael D. Powell, of Racine, Wisconsin, was reported to be speeding along the streets of Green Bay with a gun or a sword.   

Police from both Pleasant Prairie and Racine County gave chase to Powell, pursuing him along Green Bay Road, Sheridan Road and 52nd Street.  The chase also took police into Lake County, Ill. 

The chase ended on Green Bay Road where Powell swerved to avoid stop sticks and collided head-on with another vehicle.  Fortunately neither driver was hurt during the accident. 

Powell was not found to have a gun or sword in his car.  However, police did find two pocket knives and a hammer.  Powell is currently being charged with fleeing an officer and other traffic violations.  City of Kenosha and Mount Pleasant police departments are asking that further charges be filed.