Posted on Aug 23, 2010

A serious auto accident at the intersection of Spring Creek and Perryville Roads in Illinois injured five people.  According to the police report the driver of an Oldsmobile Intrigue was traveling north on Perryville when he illegally turned left in front of two other vehicles.  The other vehicles,  a Honda and a Ford pickup pulling a covered trailer, hit the Oldsmobile as it pulled in front of them. 

Though all five motorists were injured the driver of the pickup, which caught fire after the accident, was believed to have sustained the most serious injuries.  Police report that the driver, a Wisconsin resident, suffered what appeared to be a broken leg.  All five were taken to local hospitals where they were treated for serious but non-life threatening injuries.  It is believed that the fire occurred when the truck and its trailer hit an overhead traffic light.

According to reports the driver of the pickup was carrying two passengers and two dogs.  One of the dogs suffered burnt feet and the other had not yet been found.

The driver who caused the accident will be charged with failure to yield while turning left.

The staff and attorneys at Hupy & Abraham hope that all injured parties are on their way to making a complete and speedy recovery.