Posted on Jul 22, 2010

When Scott Perzentka was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident near Oshkosh doctors didn't know if he would survive, let alone walk or talk again.  However, Perzentka had other ideas.

"I was on a mission," Perzentka said. "The whole sitting in a wheelchair, drooling didn't work for me."

His mission was not just beating the odds, it was to change lives and prevent accidents on the roads of Wisconsin.  Perzentka was injured when a semi truck turned in front of him.  To the injured rider the accident, now more than seven years ago, highlighted the importance of paying attention when you drive and to living life to the fullest.

Perzentka now speaks to groups in order to get out his message of safety.  Though his newly formed non-profit, riders Down, is just beginning, he works everyday to spread the message of crash prevention.  In Oshkosh, Perzentka has spoken several times to driving school students.  His focus is on prevention.  This means leaving early so that you don't have to rush, focusing on driving instead of talking on the phone or text messaging and being aware of riders and other drivers each time you get behind the wheel.

Though some people lament the day they were hurt in a serious accident Scott Perzentka is grateful for his brush with death.

"I'm glad that semi took a left turn in front of me,"  he said. "It took that for me to learn what life is really about." 


The staff and attorneys at Hupy & Abraham would like to thank Mr. Perzentka for all he has done and continues to do on behalf of riders.