Posted on Nov 07, 2014

There are rights activists who advocate the use of audio or video tapes when dealing with police encounters. BOLT members in California and Nevada routinely carry recording devices and automatically turn them on before turning their bikes off in a traffic stop by police.

We've all heard the stories about threats, arrests and physical confrontations while recording police in the performance of their duties. Click here for a story that we posted on ridernet Thursday, November 6, 2014.  You'll have to visit page two and scroll down to the fourth story for our article. But since you're there, read all the stories of interest to riders, new products and racing news on ridernet. On page three, fifth story down, is a video of Attorney Michael Hupy's daughter, Maxine, who is a professional dancer.

We will be posting articles similar to the videotaping police article each Thursday on ridernet. Make that  a routine stop for your reading pleasure.

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