Posted on Jun 21, 2010

According to the Wisconsin State Department of Transportation May has been a deadly month for drivers, passengers, riders, cyclists and pedestrians.  The DOT says that this May 15 more people have died on the roads of Wisconsin than last May.  This year 63 people have died in 58 separate car crashes. 

Over Memorial Day Weekend alone 11 people died in auto accidents.  This total includes four riders who lost their lives over the long weekend.

So far this year 192 people have died in auto accidents in Wisconsin.  This number includes 27 riders, one passenger, one cyclist and 18 pedestrians.  The total loss of life for the same period last year is five higher.  However, the number is still 49 lower than the five year average. 

The high amount of catastrophic accidents occurred despite the states Click it or Ticket safety belt campaign.  From May 24 to June 6th police were out in force to ensure that drivers were wearing their seat belts.  Nearly one year ago Wisconsin enacted a primary seat belt law.  Under the new law drivers can be pulled over and ticketed without making another traffic violation.