Posted on Dec 18, 2009

In an attempt to lessen the number of traffic fatalities on Wisconsin's roadways over 200 police agencies recently conducted their third annual Booze and Belt safety initiative. 

In 2009 almost 40 percent of all traffic deaths in Wisconsin were caused by alcohol-related crashes.  In addition more than half of the accident victims were not wearing their seat belts.  To help discourage people from drinking and driving the Wisconsin State Bureau of Transportation Safety asked police agencies from across the state to participate in the safety initiative.

"Bad weather and holiday traffic along with distracted and impaired drivers make this time of year a particularly dangerous on our roads,' said Wisconsin State Patrol Superintendent David Collins. "December is typically the month with the most traffic crashes in Wisconsin."

Wisconsin Department of Transportation statistics back up this claim. 

In 2008, 234 people died in alcohol related crashes and 7,235 were injured.  Collins and others are hoping that the December push will help lessen the tragic effects of drinking and driving this holiday season.

Says Collins, "During Booze and Belts and throughout the year, our goal is to save lives and prevent injuries- not to write more safety belt tickets or make more drunk driving arrests."

The Department is, as always, aiming high.  Their goal is not just to lower the amount of deaths and injuries in the roadways but to attain zero preventable traffic deaths.

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