Posted on Oct 16, 2010

For some time parents trying to do the right thing and put their child in an appropriate booster were frustrated.  Booster seats often did not fit for long enough or did not work to position children correctly in their seat belts.  However, the car seat industry listened to complaints from safety experts and parents alike and began producing many seats that meet the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's highest rating, "Best Bet".

Seats were tested to see how well the seat belt fits on an average booster-aged kid in most vehicles.  Safety experts recommend that children ride in a booster from about 40 pounds and until they are at least eight years old and 4 foot 9 inches tall. 

21 seats made the "Best Bet" list this year.  The best seats included five from Harmony Juvenile Products.  The manufacturer was the only one to have this many seats in the highest category.    

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