works to inform parents and caregivers on all things child seat related. According to CDC statistics, motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death for children ages 1-14. Proper seat choice, installation and seat features can be overwhelming; however, making the right car seat choices can save your child's life.

The auto accident lawyers at Hupy and Abraham provide the following links and information to learn more about keeping your child safe while in your vehicle. Resources for Illinois and across the nation are listed below along with buying guides and information on the LATCH system.

  • Car Seat Selection and Use: Listed here are the ten basic rules of car seat safety, how to select the appropriate car seat, and relevant statistics. This page breaks down the types of carriers and discusses how to ensure that you are picking the safest seat for your child.

    Types of carseats include:
    • Infant car seats and carriers
    • Convertible car seats
    • Combination carseats
    • Booster carseats
    • Front-facing and specialty models.
  • Free Car Seat Inspection Locations in Illinois: Information on safety seat checks in Cook, Collar and DuPage counties is available on this page. State and nationwide laws and information can also be found here.
  • Why Rear Facing is Safest: Extended rear facing is the best way to keep your small child safe when riding in the car. In fact, the rear-facing position is safest for any passenger in any vehicle. Visit this page to learn more about why keeping your child facing backwards in the proper seat is so important.
  • LATCH: When used properly, the LATCH system is the safest way to tether your car seat. Use this page to learn the proper way to install a carseat using the LATCH system.
  • Forums: Reading the information available on these forums or contributing your questions and comments can be the best way to get information specific to your situation. You can read the information listed here without signing up but to ask a question, you must be a member of the group.

The Illinois car accident lawyers at Hupy and Abraham hope that the information listed on this page has helped you learn more about the importance of child seat safety.

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